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Frequently Asked Questions

Will persons be allowed to open carry?

No. A handgun carried on or about a person must be concealed from view of the public or on or about a person within a vehicle.

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What is the penalty for carrying a handgun without a valid CCL?

This action would be considered an Unlawful Use of Weapon under Illinois State statute. Penalties range from a class "A" misdemeanor, to a class 2 felony, depending on several factors.

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Who needs an Illinois Concealed Carry License?

Everyone who wants to carry a concealed firearm on their person in Illinois, except law enforcement personnel.

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Will Illinois CCL holders have reciprocity in other states?

All other states will determine what will be accepted by those states. Checking with those individual states should be a prerequisite prior to traveling there.

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How will law enforcement respond to citizens who are carrying weapons?

Law enforcement will continue to enforce what laws are currently in effect. Those individuals carrying a handgun in violation of statute will be subject to arrest.

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Where can property owners and business owners obtain information about required signage?

A 4 inch by 6 inch sign is available for download at Please visit the Illinois State Police website for further information.

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What is the cost of an Illinois Concealed Carry license?

$150.00 for five years for Illinois residents. $300.00 for five years for out-of-state residents.

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What type of firearm will I be allowed to carry concealed?

A concealed firearm is defined as a handgun. This does NOT include a stun gun or a taser or other items specifically listed in the statute.

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How long will it take to obtain a concealed carry license?

Upon receipt of a qualified application with electronic fingerprints, the Illinois State Police shall approve or deny the applicant within 90 days. Submitting manual fingerprints may result in an additional 30 day delay. Other law enforcement agencies will have 30 days to file an objection to the application once it is received.

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Are out-of-state CCL holders granted reciprocity in Illinois?

No. Out-of-state persons wish to carry a concealed weapon on their person must obtain an Illinois Concealed Carry License. In addition, the out-of-state applicant's home state must have substantially similar regulations regarding CCL. Out-of-state residents are granted a limited exception to lawfully carry a firearm within a vehicle if they are allowed to carry a firearm in public, under the laws of their state.

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